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— Oscar Wilde.

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Business 1 Lesson 70

What would it take for Dr. North to persuade me to use SpEED reAder for 10 minutes a day?

Well, one way that it can help me is that it can help me read my chapters faster. Though I don’t really need it because I’m good at reading silently to myself. I think I would only use it if I have to read out loud. It takes me longer to finish reading out loud, than to reading silently. It takes me a 1-5 minutes to finish a chapter depending how many pages there are. My favorite books that intrigue me are Fantasy books.

A second neat way it can help me is that it can used for the future of reading. Usually most people would read one chapter for either 10-15 minutes or 30-60 minutes. Now everyone can use speed reader. That way they can finish in less than 10 minutes.

A third way it can help me is that I can have more time to do whatever I want. Also so that I can do Mia thing’s. Everyone has their own personality. I would use example names but I can’t really so I’ll just say Everyone’s things. Besides than doing school and reading, you would have to have hobbies or things to do. Like going outside, watching some movies or tv shows. Going to do sports, sleepovers, and etc.

This was my essay for Business 1 lesson 70 I hope you enjoyed.

English 1 lesson 70

Was Washington’s view of the future also my view of the future?

Yes it was. Washington was trying to stop the bullying of the Blacks, even though slavery ended. He predicted in 50 years it would stop, but it stopped in 60 years. Washington was a boy who had suffered and worked hard in his childhood, then had gotten into Hampton’s, to Tuskegee, Alabama, to making a school in Tuskegee, and raising money. Then having children. Washington had 3 wives but not at the same time. Two of his wives died before Washington died. Fannie gave birth to Washington’s daughter Portia M. Washington. Olivia gave birth to 2 boys, Booker T. Washington Jr., and Ernest Davidson Washington. His 3rd wife Margaret lived before Washington died, she had no children with him, however she helped take care of Washington’s children.

Washington began doing speeches in Alabama, and in Boston, Massachusetts. He had done good in them. He then gotten a free trip to Europe for a couple of months. He went to Holland, The Netherlands, Brussels, Belgium, Paris, France, and London, England, UK,(Also known as “United Kingdom”.). He had to do a speech in London. Then when he had gotten home from his trip to Europe he got an Invitation to do a speech in Charleston, West Virginia. Then he and Margaret lived their life together until they died. The children grew up and lived their lives, too. Portia M. Washington was a Piano Teacher. Booker T. Washington Jr. was a master Brickmason’s trade, and Ernest Davidson Washington was a Physician. The book was good and I enjoyed it. My rating of this book is 4 out of 5 stars. and The Helen Keller book was 4 out of 5 stars too.

For more info for Booker T. Washington click this link:

This was my essay for English 1 Lesson 70 I hope you enjoyed it.


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English 1 lesson 65

Was Booker T. Washington’s program for gaining social acceptance for blacks an elitist program?

No, It was for having the same rights as the whites. He wanted them to be smart and have a good life, but not to be elitist. Washington never was an elitist person ever. Washington was building a bigger school in Tuskegee. He needed money for the dormitory’s, which was a room for boys and girls to sleep in. The students never complained to Washington about the cabin’s or anything. Washington still believes in the purpose of being clean. He got the money within 2 years which was $10,000.

Washington was inspired by Gen. Armstrong who was non-racist, and very nice person. The whites had treated him very well. Washington was famous for his speeches in Boston and Alabama. One was in 1893 in Boston, The other was in 1895 in Alabama. He hoped that one day the Whites all over America will not hate Blacks anymore.

This was my essay for English 1 lesson 65 I hope you enjoyed it.

Business 1 lesson 65

Will I sell my business?

Well, that’s a very good question. Will I sell my business or not? Let’s think about it. If you start your business at age 18 and live through out until 80 or older, and your business was successful then sell it for a fair price. If you are not successful in your business, like for example you start at age 50 and end at 80, you won’t make much, plus you will e very poor, so don’t sell your business if you are in that situation.

You really should be very careful about your choice because you won’t be able to know what will strike next. I suggest you take Personal Finance, Business 1, Business 2, Government, and Economics so that you’ll be very smart. You will have to go to college though in order to get your degree in business, and also take CLEP test’s just to be sure. Plus you need tip’s and advice. Read lots of book’s about it. Make sure you do well. Everyone has to have a stable life or else it won’t be very normal, because you might become homeless. It might be too late after unless you are able to get a job. You need to get into a great college. I hope you all will survive. Please don’t let anyone down, friends, and family. They will all support you no matter what. By the way I mean it. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, mean it.

This was my essay for Business 1 lesson 65. I hope you enjoyed it.

English 1 Lesson 60

What are some memorable images from the narrative?

So far, Booker T. Washington wanted the Black’s to have an education. It was impossible because of the Reconstruction period. He had to help the Black’s because the White’s were just using them and hurting them. Then he had to watch 75 Indians(Which were Native Americans, for those who didn’t know what I meant), he and the Indians got along very well. Washington was still in the Hampton’s at that time. He had to take one Indian all the way from Hampton to Washington D.C., Washington found out that the Indian got access and he didn’t. Washington left the Hampton and went south to Tuskegee, Alabama. He helped the Black’s during the trip down there. In Tuskegee everyone lived in poverty,(Which meant that they didn’t have enough material possessions, income, and all the elements they needed), which means that they were living in debt, terrible conditions, and were poor. Washington decided to start a school in Tuskegee, and teach the Black’s education, which was extremely important. He started getting some students, and then in weeks he gets 30 students, and then in a month 50 students. He taught them Greek, and Latin, Reading, and cleaning the room’s and themselves. He was in debt when he had to pay $500 for the school, he got it in 5 month’s because the White’s donated the money. When it was Christmas time,(Which is a holiday, for those who do not know), the children wanted present’s. It was Washington’s first Christmas. The Black’s didn’t have to work on Christmas and had a week off. They even celebrated with drinks,(Which was Alcohol, Which was Beer and Whiskey, for those who don’t know). They had to begin farming so they can eat food. There was a next project that he need $6,000 building. He also had 3 wives but not at the same time. The first one was Frannie N. Smith, they got married in 1882, and In 1883 they had a daughter named Portia M. Washington, and Frannie died in 1884. The second one was Olivia A. Davidson and they got married at 1885, and had 2 sons Booker T. Washington J.R., and Ernest David Washington, and Olivia died in 1889. Then his third wife was named Margaret James Murray, they did not have any children, she helped raise Washington’s children. She died in 1925. She did a good job.

This was my essay for English 1 lesson 60 I hope you enjoyed.