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Government 1B Lesson 80

Evaluate this claim: “The New Deal was a wise series of government actions that healed the problems afflicting the economy.”

This claim is false. The New Deal did not help anyone it just made things worse for our Economy. The New Deal was a plan made by Franklin D. Roosevelt. This has allowed the Government to harm our economy, which had also caused The Great Depression. I will write about two acts that are relevant to the new deal. The first one is called The National Industry Act. It was allowing industry to make production codes for individual companies. This included: minimum wages, price protections, hours of production, and production methods. This affected small and large businesses alike. However, they were not allowed to lower their prices. If businesses changed prices beyond the Act’s proscriptions, the businesses would be fined or have other penalties inflicted upon them. Another act was called the Agricultural Adjustment Act. The way the government would help the Agriculture businesses would be to raise crop prices. The governments way to do that was to destroy most of the crops. This also included animals. I learned that this method caused several million farmers to be out of work. Our country could not produce enough food to feed everyone. After World War I, and during the time the New Deal was proposed our economy was bad. After World War II, our economy was doing much better. Therefore, I have proved that the New Deal did not have a positive effect on our economy at the time and severely limited our liberty and freedoms by installing more government regulation thru these Acts.  The New Deal may have alleviated some immediate problems, but it added trillions over the years to our National debt which in turn has made the United States much weaker and dependent on other Countries for our food goods and production items.

Critics have claimed that the housing boom and bust was a result of the market economy. Can you make a case that it was instead the result of government policy?

Yes, I can make a case. There are two government enterprises: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These enterprises are supposed to help people make housing affordable by giving out loans. If these enterprises were ever in any trouble, the Government will come to their rescue. In 1977, the Community Reinvestment Act was created. There are three federal regulators who are responsible for this. The three federal regulators are: The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. It was normally bank policy that loans would not be offered to people who lived in poor neighborhoods. No matter what job or how successful those seeking credit were the banks would not give out loans. When this law was enacted, the banks could give loans without concern for repayment, to those people in poorer neighborhoods. The banks were still looking at background information of credit seekers. However, this law changed in 1995 under President Bill Clinton. Instead of checking on people who have jobs or where they live, the government decides to say that they will give out loans with low interest rates to people whether or not they are in poorer neighborhoods. Interest rates were artificially lowered by the government. When the banks were allowed to replace well known banking principals, many people got loans and bought many houses. Most of the people who got these loans did not pay back the loans. The more loans and house shopping, the greater chance of artificial price fixing, artificial loan procedures, and a real housing bubble and following recession. Housing prices did rise. This stopped in 2008, because they got rid of the regulators in 1995. The other cause was that most of the people did not pay back the loans. When that happened people who bought these houses lost the houses. I had made the case of the housing boom and bust. This was no result of the market economy, but the result of government policy. This shows that there was government regulation in the year of 1995. Government regulation is not good because it takes away our liberty, freedom and money. This is the real proof and the real truth to all this.

This was my essay for Government 1B Lesson 80 I hope you enjoyed it.

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English 4 Lesson 85

How fair was Twain’s critique of Cooper’s literary style?

Mark Twain is a famous author. He wrote many great books, and the way he writes them makes me understand the story. However this essay will also be about James Fenimore Cooper. Cooper was the author of the book called “The Deerslayer”. Since Twain was a great author, he had criticized Cooper’s literary style. In this essay, I will write about whether Twain’s critique was fair or unfair.

The story talks about two men. Henry March also known as Hurry Henry and Natty Bumppo also known as the Deerslayer. They are in the forest, but it does not say why. A fact about the Deerslayer would be that he lived with the Delawares, a Native American tribe for ten years. He had slayed deer but he had never killed a man. They are in the forest and they want to marry two sisters. Judith and Hetty. Henry wants to marry Judith and the Deerslayer wants to marry Hetty. They talk about the women, and the Deerslayer tells Henry to not marry Judith because she does not like him. Later they walk more into the woods and they find a canoe, and the row to the floating house where they lived. It was near the lake or it was on the lake. Then the men go in and no one is home, not even the sisters. They look around and the Deerslayer remembered that the father, Tom Hutter, has an ark. Therefore they get back on their canoe and rowed until they got to a river stream. When the got there they rowed down the stream and found the ark. They find Tom, Judith, and Hetty. They talk to each other, while that happens another tribe sneaks in and attacks. They are the Mohicans’. They attack the ark and the two men had to move the ark, they tried to move it up but it was impossible so they moved it down stream. While they did that they fought back. Then later they won and they just sail through the stream.

I have said they went into the woods but Cooper never mentioned why. Maybe if Cooper had said they lived in the woods, it might make sense. It did say that one of the men had lived with the Delawares. Then the river and the lake gets all mixed up. Then going up stream and down stream just did not make sense. While that happened, Cooper had added Native Americans, how did they know they were going to be here at the stream? Unless they lived in that territory. Instead of women, Cooper uses the term females and breaks the rules of literature. The characters have very poor personalities. I mean this critique is some what fair. You have to speak out the truth about one’s book, but Twain might have said way too much. Twain claimed that the book has no humor, has characters acting as lifeless characters, too much flowery language, and says that his book is not a work of art.

I am not sure how to put this, but I don’t know if Twain critique was fair or unfair, even though some of the critique’s are true. If I don’t read the whole book, I won’t know. In fact, I only read a few chapters so my answer is I am not sure. I do prefer to read Twain’s books because I can understand them better than Cooper’s. I still do think that the book is not that bad, it may need to be fixed a little bit. Despite that, I think that Twain might have taken it a little too far on the critique.

This was my essay in English 4 Lesson 85 I hope you have enjoyed it.

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Government 1B Lesson 75

What kind of success did Africa have with governments that wielded great power over the different African economies?

There are many countries in Africa that didn’t do well back then and are still struggling today. I will talk about one country Zaire or as we call it today Democratic Republic of Congo. For now I will just call it Zaire. This country in1965 was ruled by Mobutu Sese Seko. The country was rich in copper at that time, and the boom started in the 70’s. Mobutu spent it on many things as a normal ruler would in one’s country. However after a while people had started to get really tired of him, so a solution came.

The solution was to forbid Christianity, change names to African names instead of Christian names, cancel out Christmas, forbid to wear Western clothes and put in Mobutu’s portrait in the churches. One more thing he did was to get rid of Asian merchants and Belgian technicians/businessmen. You should obviously know that Mobutu was a Socialist and definitely not a Capitalist. When the copper boom was collapsing in the 80’s Mobutu decided to get the Belgians back to Zaire. While that happened there was a price inflation, the transportation system broke down, and there was a huge debt in Zaire. He stopped ruling in 1997. What Mobutu had done had destroyed Zaire’s economy, it was successful at first, but it collapsed in the 80’s. So there was no success in Africa with the governments that wielded power over African economies.

What are front-loading and political engineering?

Both front loading and political engineering are connected to military production. Front loading is where the government and/or the military will lie to you. Example: Lets say that the army needs an air jet that will have air missiles and bombs, and that it will cost only $500 dollars. Then later they will tell you that will cost $50,000 without any missiles or bombs. That is the example of how front loading can lead to a bunch of lies and over promising. Front loading follows political engineering. Lets use the jet example again. This jet will be spread out in all of the US districts. Then we will have the political sectors trying to tax the people, and then this leads to the government stealing more money from us. That is the example of how political engineering can lead to the government to steal money from right under our noses.

This was my essay for Government 1B Lesson 75 I hope you enjoyed it.

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English 4 Lesson 80

Were the detailed descriptions of the people around the two main characters equally important in the two stories?

Washington Irving is an author of two famous stories, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, and “Rip Van Winkle”. These stories were amazing in my opinion and they have a few similarities. One is that they are located in New York, during the 18th century. Two is that they are both Dutch tales in America. That is why I found this to be amazing. I will write about these two tales and you will see why they are amazing.

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, takes place in New York, like I have stated earlier. The main characters are Ichabod Crone, Katrina, and Brom Bones. Ichabod is a school teacher, and he falls in love with Katrina. She is a beautiful young woman who everyone in Sleepy Hollow is attracted too. Brom Bones also likes Katrina. However there is a confrontation between Ichabod and Bones. They fight for Katrina’s and it seems like Ichabod wins for now until he gets invited to a party at her house. Everyone in town is at the party and they danced. Still trying to compete for Katrina’s love, Bones tries to scare him off with a scary spooky tale. This tale is about the Headless Horse, who fought in the American Revolution war. After this tale spooked him out, Ichabod went home in the dark spooky night. Then while he was trying to go home, the Headless Horse was after him, chasing him. Ichabod was scared, and tried to escape. He was near a bridge and thought if he’d cross the Headless Horse would go away. This was not the case. The headless Horse threw a pumpkin head at Ichabod. The next morning people found Ichabod’s hat and a smashed up pumpkin. People had feared the worst. They thought he might have died, got kidnapped by the Headless Horse, or that he might have just left town to start a new life. No one knows where he went.

“Rip Van Winkle”, is another story that takes place in New York. A man named Rip lives with his wife, daughter, and dog on the farm. The wife of Rip however was always nagging at him for not doing his share on farm and family. Nobody can handle the nagging of Mrs. Van Winkle. So one day, Rip made an escape plan. He pretended he would go hunting, and he went off trying to enjoy his day. At night time, another man goes to Rip, and he holds a liquor bottle. They go to the mountains and play a game called Nine Pins. They played, laughed and had fun. Rip drank the bottle the mysterious man had held and he passed out drunk. In the morning, he woke up and he was going to return to the village, when suddenly something surprisingly happens. The village and the people were not recognizable to him. Nobody recognized Rip either. Rip got called a spy, because he was a loyal subject of King James III. Before no one knew the King was bad, but later they figured he was tyrannic. Rip seemed confused, but tries to find his home. His home is abandoned and he finds his own daughter a grown woman, but cannot find his wife. He talks to his daughter, and finds out his wife died, and that his daughter is married. Then, some village people told him the story of Henry Hudson and how he goes to play Nine Pins on the mountains every 20 years. Rip might have encountered Hudson and after that he slept there for 20 years. So, Rip became a free citizen and he lived with his daughter until he was dead.

The descriptions of the characters in both stories were equally important. However, since Irving was a great writer, he knew how to write very good and the descriptions were easy to understand in both stories by the reader. When these stories were remembered by people, they made movies about both of these stories. Without the descriptions, the reader would not have paid any attention to the stories.

This was my essay for English 4 Lesson 80 I hope you enjoyed it.

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Government 1B Lesson 70

What are some of Marx’s criticisms of capitalism?

Karl Marx was creator of Marxism and Communism in the 19th century. He criticizes several things about Capitalism. He says how Capitalism damages people, and how Communism can make zero damage. Another criticism he makes is how a Capitalist worker only pays his worker money only to just live, and won’t pay according to the value he creates. He hates the division of labor. He explains the business cycle theory is failing. He says how you would have to produce what the market says and to not produce what you want to produce. He did not like the working conditions of workers in Capitalism and described it was inhumane, and unpleasant. Those are some of his criticisms.

How might you respond to the criticisms you discussed in question 1?

I think that Marx’s claims are not true. The owner and an employee work in a company and have an agreement. The employee works at whatever the salary is, and they get paid for the work. The workers in Capitalism can always switch to different jobs, if they do not feel like working at the job they are currently working in right now. They can simply just quit. Capitalism improves the lives of people, Communism is just lazy, it does not improve people and its nothing but corruption. The reason the business cycle is failing is because of government intervention, if that wasn’t involved then it would not be failing. People can always work small but they might either stay the same or work up higher and earn more money. Plus as Communism and Marxism evolves, it gets changed and admired overtime by a some countries in Europe, Central/South America, Africa and Asia. Examples include Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, etc. Honestly, I think that Marx had missed these points and he is a total idiot.

Discuss the following three items in brief: a. What Is To Be Done? b. New Economic Policy c. Ukrainian terror-famine

“What is to be done?” is a book written by V.I. Lenin. He was a soviet leader in Russia. This book was written in 1902. He says that Proletarians will not rise up in the Revolution of Russia. They can only trade in unionism. Around that time, the Soviet Union is just beginning. He did raise money by robbing banks in order to help the Proletarians.

New Economic Policy or NEP was created by Lenin in 1921. This policy stopped the government from stealing food from the peasants. However the peasants would have to pay a tax in order to get food. Then they can sell in the open market, and there were limited private businesses that were allowed to run in the Soviet Union.

Joseph Stalin of Russia started the Ukrainian terror-famine. If you remember from the previous paragraph I had said that there was NEP, but when Lenin died in 1923, Stalin had cancelled out NEP. So food was getting stolen again and people in Ukraine were dying from famine. This started happening in 1933.

This was my essay for Government 1B Lesson 70 I hope you enjoyed it.

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English 4 Lesson 75

How believable is this book?

The book I had read about is called “A History of the Life and Death, Virtues and Exploits of General George Washington“, by Mason Locke Weems. This book is indeed about George Washington and Weems is the first person to write a Biography about Washington. You probably know he is the first president of the United States, and he participated in the American Revolution war, and fought against King George III.

There was a story called “The Cherry Tree” in Weems book. George Washington was 6 years old, and he was given an ax at that age. In my opinion that is really dangerous for a child to carry an ax. When he received the ax he chopped down many trees that he would see. One day he chopped down his father cherry tree. When he chopped it down, his father saw his tree was chopped, and asked his son what happened. Washington did not tell a lie, so he told the truth and even though what he did was wrong, his father hugged him and forgave him, because he told the truth. Washington had once seen his own name spelled with cabbage that grew outside. Either someone did this for him or God had done it. He did believe in God. He also threw a rock along the Rappahannock River. If you throw a stone or a rock along a river then it might jump and skip along the river until it falls into the water.

When he was 10 years old, his father died of an illness. Washington was upset and his own mother sent him to live with his half brother Augustine. Five years later, he ditches school, and trains in the military. His friends from school were upset at this, however he had made the right decision. He had fought in wars, even the one in the French and Indian War. He became President of the United States of America.

Based on what I had said, I don’t know if one of the stories that were written about George Washington were true or not. The way it was written looks believable to many people who read it since the theme of the book was hagiography. The only thing that I find very believable in the book is Washington fighting in the American Revolution and him becoming President. The one story I am still unsure whether its believable or not is the cherry tree story. Whether the stories were true or not, it had became a popular book in the 19th Century. So it is believable even if one of the stories are false.

This was my essay for English 4 Lesson 75 I hope you enjoyed it.

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English 4 Lesson 70b

If you wanted to make money by writing a self-improvement book for Americans, what topic would you choose?

If I were to make money by writing a self improvement book for Americans, the topic that I would choose is positivity. The title would be called “Positivity is the key to life”. I don’t know if anyone has written a book with this title, however I hope I did not steal anyone’s title. This is just an example I won’t actually write a book about this, maybe who knows.

Anyway, I would write about positivity, because some people are not always positive. People can think positive, but some think negative. Negativity is bad for the mind and is not healthy for you. Positivity can encourage people to live a long happy life, as for negativity you might not live long. For those who are always thinking positive you would not want to know what the negative people think of. It is really a dark side, but as for positivity its the bright side.

In the self improvement book I would write and explain why negativity is bad for you. I will write about how to change your habits. It will help increase positivity. Then I would talk about how to try new things. These examples include talking to people in real life, or in short making friends or new friends. Joining clubs or classes for sports, cooking, gardening, etc it can be anything as long as its not negativity things such as worshiping to the devil, emo, or any other dark clubs. You should not only do these things, but change your schedule for everyday, it can be the same or a little bit different each day. Like changing your hours of what time you wake up or go to sleep, or eating different food. Brighten up your house a little. Examples include adding flowers, maybe painting rooms to a bright color, etc.

I will talk about a few examples about why people can be negative. One may have to do with family. I mean that either family members died, or they were really rude. Another example can include childhood. How childhood can be effected by what has happened then. If one child has been treated good or has been good, then they will continue that. However if its the opposite, then that behavior will continue. What I am trying to say is that the childhood of one person can affect them in the future and how ones behavior will effect themselves in the future. Some people do change these behaviors when they grow up some can turn from positive to negative and some can turn from negative to positive. There are many reasons for the negativity, do not let this control you and become positive. I could continue forever on this, but if I did then it would turn out to be a book instead of an essay. This is all I will include if I were to write this topic as a book.

This is my essay for English 4 Lesson 70b I hope you enjoyed it.

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English 4 Lesson 70a

A transcript of your speech at a state ratification convention.

Gentlemen, our topic is about the future of our country and how it will be ran. We have won the revolution, but there is fear that our country is still in danger. Our government must be reformed immediately or else more people will be slaughtered. How shall our government be reformed you may ask? We shall have only a few written documents that will enable this country to live in freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These documents include the US Constitution, Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. Once our government is fixed we shall make sure that everyone in this country shall have a right and freedom in this country. This country will be ruled by the people and will rule without no king. This is seen as the possible future of this country. We shall expand west and colonize more states as time flies by. When this happens states will form into a union, we will fight for our country til the world ends and together we will be considered as the United States of America.

This was my essay for English 4 Lesson 70a I hope you enjoyed it.

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Government 1B Lesson 65

The standard claim about Sweden is that it shows that society can prosper without such a free market and with extensive government intervention. What would be a good response to this claim?

The reason Sweden has prospered is not because of the Government intervention, it’s mainly because of the Free Market. Another reason is because they have avoided war. Sweden was the country’s 4th industrialized country before there was some Government Intervention. This was during 1870-1950. However, Government Intervention started happening in the 1970’s, and this was when taxes were coming in. Plus there was wealth redistribution, entitlements were expanding, and there were two decades of low growth. This has been going on since 1970-1989. So it became the 14th Industrialized country by 1993. Then finally the taxes have come down, state owned companies are being sold, inheritance, gift and wealth taxes have been abolished, and the economic freedom has increased. Therefore, this proves that Sweden had prospered with the Free Market, but did not do so well with Government Intervention.

What was life like for the businessman in Nazi Germany?

I don’t think life for a businessman in Nazi Germany would be great, unless they were to support the Nazis in that era. Since before and during World War II, three major countries Germany, Japan, and Italy formed an alliance. These countries were bad during World War II era, however the Japanese were good in the end. I will not be talking about Japan, Italy, Germany or World War II. I will talk more on the life for a businessman in Nazi Germany.

You have to get the Government to help you start you business. There is no free market when it comes to Nazis. It won’t matter whether you own it or not, you have to do whatever the government says. If you don’t do what they say, they will do very bad things. You can probably get arrested, or the death penalty. The authorities will even test you to make sure you are not disobeying them. The businesses had survived because everyone who started a business had to rely on the government so they can get whatever they need to be more productive. Plus they had to sell goods at whatever price the government says for you to sell as. If you were starting a small business, then you will fail. The only business the Government wants to help are the most important and large businesses.

This was my essay for Government 1B Lesson 65 I hope you enjoyed it.

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English 4 Lesson 65

Write a critique of Paine’s pamphlets from the point of view of a loyalist in 1778.

“Thomas Paine, a disgraceful young man. How dare he call our king evil and tyrannical. Most importantly, how dare he call us out as traitors. We are not traitors, you Rebels are the traitors. The Rebels started this war, not the Loyalists. We Loyalists are civilized in a good manner, and yet these Rebels, they are savages. These people have no manner, they are just a bad influence. The king did not tax you for greed and power, he only taxed you because he needed to pay for the French and Indian War. Yet, you get upset and start a rampage. All you Rebels, including Thomas Paine, keeps spewing out false facts about our King and about us the Loyalists. You made false claims against us in your pamphlets, too. We could have made a nice arrangement, but instead you people have caused a lot of damage to our King and to the British colonies. How rude!”

-The Mysterious Loyalist.

This was my essay for English 4 Lesson 65 I hope you enjoyed it.