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English 1 Lesson 100

Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography ?

It varies on what your life and your career brings to you. Whether your a person who was a Mayor, President, or just a person who does speeches in their life time. If you want to put reconstructed speeches in your autobiography you can, just as long people will remember them or you’ve done these speeches before.

Geronimo was in war with the Mexican’s, and now the whites. The reason why he was in war with the whites because they betrayed Geronimo. They tried to kill all the Apaches. Geronimo kept surrendering many times during the war. The last time he surrendered it was to General Miles. Miles promised Geronimo that he would give him and the other Apaches a different land that is peaceful. Miles broke that promise and took Geronimo to Pensacola, Florida. He stayed there for a year. A year later he got transported to Oklahoma.

Geronimo then went to a “World’ Fair” in a place called S.T. Louis. He took pictures of family and people. He would earn $2 per week. He explored the fair. It looked fun to him, and a bit confusing. He saw a magician doing magic tricks, stuff he had never seen before. He saw an escape artist. He went on the Ferris Wheel. He got so scared to go on it. It went up and then down. There was even music there.

Then he focused on religion. It was called Christianity. He wanted to change his ways and be good, so he went to church to prove it. He said it was the best religion ever. Then he wanted to go back to Arizona because he missed his old life of being an Apache. The president of the USA, let him go back to Arizona. That’s it for Geronimo.

Geronimo died in February 17, 1909 in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, USA. If you want more info on Geronimo Click this link:

This was my essay for English 1 lesson 100. I hope you enjoyed it.

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